Use these videos to encourage your congregational youth ministry to bring deeper meaning and lasting impact to service experiences, whether community service projects, servant events, or mission trips!

For Adults: Service Learning: Adding Flavor to Life
This instructional video outlines a four-step service learning process that can be used to create meaningful service experiences with youth. Use this video to learn the process and train adult leaders.

Questions for conversation:

  • What types of service are we already doing that can be enriched by utilizing the service learning process?
  • How can we begin using the four-step process to create new service experiences for our youth?
  • In what ways (perhaps different ways) might we introduce youth to a life of Christian discipleship and service?
  • What impact can service have on the life and mission of our entire congregation?

For Youth: Come Follow Me
This inspirational video features first-person stories of young people engaged in service activities. Use this video to encourage your youth to consider and reflect on their involvement (individually or as a whole group) in service experiences.

Questions for conversation:

  • How is "service" illustrated in the video?
  • What is the lasting impact of service on youth in the video? What is the impact on the community being served?
  • Is service always helpful? How might it not be helpful?
  • What is the relationship between serving others and Christian faith?
  • How might service influence your faith and life?
  • What gifts do you have to offer in service to and with others?
  • Who might be served by a group like ours? (Be sure to think locally, regionally, nationally, internationally.) How can we determine which needs actually exist?

Bonus Video: More Conversations
A "bonus reel" featuring adults sharing more about their experiences with the service learning process. Use this video as a supplement for training adult leaders.